December 14 2017 - LIBYA

Humanitarian aid

A glimmer of hope in this difficult Libyan situation

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The distribution of the first load of pasta has been completed in the last few days. It is for the patients of the hospitals in Southern Libya.

The pasta was transported to Libya thanks to the collaboration between the Community of Sant'Egidio, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and the WFP-UNHRD of Brindisi. Specifically, through the help of the Libyan NGO STACO, the pasta was delivered to the management of the hospital in Ubari. In fact, the clinic had requested the pasta in order to meet the needs of the civilian population. Furthermore, the hospital of Ubari is a point of reference for a population of about 100 thousand inhabitants, which is spread over a large territory.

The next shipment of food assistance is already available and will be soon distributed among the various health centers and hospitals that are situated in the south.

Although the situation continues to be significantly unstable, it is possible to reach these locations thanks to the agreement for the free movement of humanitarian aid, which was signed by the representatives of the southern Libyan tribes at Sant’Egidio (click here to read more>>).
The support to the civilian population remains one of the priorities for the stabilisation of Libya, which has been suffering from civil war for a long time.