Ivory Coast - Sant'Egidio is friend of the poor and keeper of peace. The celebration of the 50th of the Community

A beautiful Thanksgiving Service for the 50th anniversary of Sant’Egidio was held in Abidjan, on Saturday 17th November at St Paul's Cathedral. The service, animated by the choir of Sant'Egidio, was attended by many friends of the Community, coming from the different districts of the city, such as representatives of institutions and religious orders, members of different Christian confessions and other religions of the country, including the president of the High Council of Imams.

In his homily, Cardinal Jean-Pierre Kutwa recalled the beginnings of the Community in 1968, when Andrea Riccardi, still a high school student, dreamed of changing the world with the Gospel, the friendship with the Poor - which marked his whole story - and the work for Peace. The Archbishop has entrusted Sant’Egidio the commitment to work for the reconciliation of the country, especially on the eve of some political-electoral moments expected to create tensions in Ivory Coast.

Both celebration and feast were also attended by many elderly, together with the street children and the children of the Schools of Peace of Sant’Egidio.