Happy 100th birthday Mary!

Turning 100 in a family home of Sant'Egidio: love, technology and creativity for a very special celebration

Turning 100 years is an extraordinary occasion, which deserves a great feast. Even in the time of Covid.That is why in the family home of Sant'Egidio in Rome, a beautiful party has been organised for Mary, who celebrated her century of life on the 8th November last: creativity, technology and great care. And the party was a success.

A special party for a special person. Indeed, Mary is a "teacher" of tenacity and love of life for the many - especially young people visiting the residents on a regular basis. As her friends recount:

"When we met her, she was hospitalized at a health facility, but her biggest wish was to live in a house. Of course, there were many difficulties: age, the wheelchair and the need to have someone helping her for daily needs. Yet, Mary persisted with tenacity: her dream had to be fulfilled. At the age of 97 we welcomed her into the Largo Magnagrecia family home and her life started again just as she dreamed".

On the day of her birthday, all her friends gathered virtually around her. The party started with the projection with the images of the most beautiful moments spent together and the many happy birthday messages from many friends.

No one was missing. Even Pope Francis, who gave her his blessing for her 100th birthday.

And Mary, thanked everyone with this video: