It's summer in Argentina. The children of the School of Peace set off on holiday from Buenos Aires with the Community

Once again this year, the Community of Sant'Egidio, organised holidays with children in January, which is a summer holiday month in Argentina. The kids were accompanied by the "Youth for Peace" from the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires.
From 2 to 15 January in the Lujan area, some 140 children were able to enjoy recreational activities after a year of study in the Schools of Peace of their neighbourhoods.
These holidays are an important moment on the path of friendship and education for coexistence. They are a proposal, a real alternative for children who dream of a better future in the face of the violent climate in many marginal neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires and the large outskirts of the province. These were days of great joy and friendship. Games, parties and moments of encounter between the children from the different neighbourhoods. The young people cared for the children with love, like older brothers, sometimes they were also called dad or mum, healing the wounds often caused by abandonment and marginalisation, .
Holidays for everyone, but holidays that left us with something more: the experience of living together, a testimony of how children and young people can contribute to the construction of a fairer and more inclusive city.