A future of hope: Syrian refugee family reaches Andorra via humanitarian corridors

Last Wednesday, a family of Syrian refugees from Lebanon arrived in Andorra via the humanitarian corridors organised by the Community of Sant'Egidio. The family, four adults and two children, will settle in Andorra la Vella thanks to the hospitality of the local government and the generosity of civil society.

A long twelve years of conflict - more than the age of the two girls - and the recent earthquake that hit Syria and Turkey, made it impossible for this family to live in Aleppo, especially with their young children. This professional couple (F. is a pharmacist and R. is an architect), faced with an increasingly unbearable situation, managed to escape thanks to a chain of reception that has no borders. The mediation of a friend of the Community of Sant'Egidio, who lives in Barcelona and knew their situation, helped them to join the group of 20 refugees being received by the Andorran government. Earlier this week, the whole family travelled from Syria to Lebanon, where they were only permitted to stay legally for 48 hours in transit to their new life.
After flying from Beirut to Madrid, they paid a short visit to the city before reaching Andorra.
Thus, the process of reception and integration in Europe continues for those who still suffer and flee their countries because of war.