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Refugees: humanitarian corridors arrive at the UN and are proposed as a replicable model


refugeesRefugeesUNhumanitarian corridor

A delegation of the Italian Foreign Ministry and of the Community of Sant'Egidio in New York illustrates the results and the prospects of an alternative project to the "journeys of death"

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Other 81 refugees rescued from war and human trafficking through the humanitarian corridors! Their stories in video

June 16 2016 - FIUMICINO, ITALY

refugeesRefugeeshumanitarian corridor

They arrived in Fiumicino a few hours ago, from where today they will go to several Italian cities and to San Marino, where they will be welcomed and will begin a process of integration

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From the refugee camp on a flight to Rome: the arrival of the Syrian children and their families with the humanitarian corridors

May 3 2016 - ROME, ITALY

Syriarefugeeshumanitarian corridor

They landed at Fiumicino at 7 this morning. They come from Aleppo, Homs and other places devastated by war. THE FIRST IMAGES

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The welcome, language, integration for the Syrian refugees who are guests of Pope Francis

April 18 2016 - ROME, ITALY

Pope Francisrefugees

Far from the horrors of war, a new life begins. Nour: we hope that the gesture of the Pope changes public opinion. See the video

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The new life of the Syrian refugees arrived through the humanitarian corridors

March 11 2016

Integrationrefugeeshumanitarian corridor

Medical care, school and a great desire to integrate in the current situation of the 25 families arrived in Italy in February

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