Aid for Ukraine: Communities of Sant'Egidio in Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia welcome refugees fleeing the war

 Many Ukrainians are fleeing to the neighbouring countries, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary, where our volunteers are intervening with the first emergency aid.

In Poland, the Community distributes necessities and offers support to refugees who do not know where to go. One and a half million Ukrainians live permanently in Poland. Hence, the majority of those who are crossing the border from Lviv know where to go. But what happens to those who arrive at the station disoriented, with nothing?
To them, it is necessary to find a home. Hundreds of people responded to the appeal for solidarity, which was shared on social networks, and then quickly went viral. Many have offered shelter, especially in Warsaw, where Sant'Egidio is very rooted.
The first families of Ukrainians are brought to the houses found by Sant'Egidio. As for the humanitarian corridors implemented by the Community, the criterion is to give priority to those who are in the most vulnerable situation.

In Slovakia, the Communities are present at the border with Ukraine to assist those who arrive. During the night between Sunday and Monday, the influx was uninterrupted. They worked incessantly, welcoming those who arrived, preparing and distributing necessities. Starting in the next few days, the Communities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic will take care of welcoming those who have no relatives in these countries or who are particularly fragile - mothers with small children, the sick, the elderly.

In Hungary, the Communities of Budapest and Pécs are welcoming refugees at stations and they are activating the search for housing to accommodate families.

The Community is organizing a network of reception, hospitality, and support not only in neighboring countries but also in other European countries, including Italy.

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