Sant'Egidio opens 'Katalyma' a home for the homeless in Antwerp, Belgium.

On Thursday, 7 March 2024, a new home for homeless people was opened in Antwerp. It is named Katalyma, the Bible word in Greek for 'inn' (Lk 2:7). It is meant to express what Sant'Egidio does: stop by the half-dead man, heal his wounds, and also provide lasting support, a home, a family environment.

The flat, located in a residential area of Antwerp, accommodates five homeless people, who finally have a place to stay. The five men manage the house themselves by sharing tasks and according to their abilities. They are supported by a team from the Kamiano soup kitchen and volunteers from Sant'Egidio.

The housing crisis is making itself increasingly felt, especially among the poorer segment of Antwerp's population. Even finding affordable houses to rent has become increasingly difficult, especially for the most vulnerable people.

Over the years, it has become increasingly important for Sant'Egidio to find a home for people in precarious housing situations. Currently, the Community guarantees a living solution to 125 people in different formulas and in various locations around the country.