Sant'Egidio welcomes and guides refugees who are fleeing from war at the border between Ukraine and Slovakia.

As the exodus of Ukrainians fleeing the war persists, communities in Slovakia also continue to work to welcome them at the main border crossing, Vyšné Nemecké, which is between Ukraine and Slovakia.
The community helps those who arrive, not only with necessities - food, warm clothes - but also by giving information on the right to humanitarian protection in the European Union and directing the many who want to continue the journey to other European countries, by even encouraging contacts with relatives or acquaintances. Many people restart their journey to the Czech Republic, where they also find the support of the Community.

The Prime Minister of Slovakia, Eduard Heger, came to visit the border; he met several refugees and had a long talk with the people of the Community. They talked about the Community's commitment to peace and the reception through humanitarian corridors of those fleeing wars.

The Prime Minister met the people who are helping the refugees, including Fadi, a young Iraqi who arrived as a refugee in Slovakia and who today, in the Community, is welcoming those who are fleeing from the war in Ukraine. An example that highlights, as Heger said, how the Community builds peace starting from a "heart that looks first to the needs of others."