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Opening 'Paths of Peace' in a world marked by too many conflicts: the International meeting of world religions for peace

Marco Impagliazzo: 'It will be the most important event for peace of the year, a strong message against wars, divisions and walls, in order to restore a soul to countries and continents in crisis'

Berlin's youth message to Europe: No More Walls

The event promoted by the Youth for Peace of Sant'Egidio in the multiethnic district of Neukölln, for a society of coexistence
Memory of the Apostles

The Everyday Prayer

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Hilton Cyprus - Akamas Hall


Cyprus 2008

Panel 4 - Has Europe’s Time Come?

November 17 2008 09:30 program 

Panel 15 - Lebanon, Working for a Civilization of Coexistence

November 17 2008 16:30 program 

Panel 19 - Iraq: Working for a Civilization of Pace

November 18 2008 09:30 program