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Cameroun: the Community is trying to improve the living conditions of the prisoners in Garoua and Maroua

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Cameroun: the Community is trying to improve the living conditions of the prisoners in Garoua and Maroua
7th June 2010

The Community of Sant’Egidio keeps on trying to improve the living conditions in African prisons.

In the central prison of Garoua, Cameroun, the situation is precarious as it’s showed in the pictures below.

Moreover, this prison is one of the most overcrowded of the country. Living in close quarters, with poor hygiene, has led to the spreading of infections and diseases, among which scabies.

That’s why the Community of Sant’Egidio of Garoua, that from some years is concerned in the care of the prisoners, has made the cells cleaned with disinfectant and disinfestant, got the prisoners be treated with antiseptic soap and antibiotics provided by the Community and has helped to organize shift cleaning of the cells and the lavatories by the same prisoners, to keep a proper level of hygiene.

These shifts of cleaning have started only in May, but it is already possible to see an improvement, so that the Community is thinking to extend the initiative in the prisons of Tcholliré 1 and 2.

Also in Maroua prison, on Sunday 23rd May, the Community of Sant’Egidio has donated 15 mattresses, that are now at the prison dispensary’s disposal. The director sent a letter to thank the Community (PDF - FR)

Il cortile della prigione di Garoua (Camerun)
The courtyard of Garoua prison (Cameroun)
Il cortile della prigione di Garoua (Camerun)
The courtyard of Garoua prison (Cameroun)
Consegna di materassi nella prigione di Garoua (Camerun)
Delivery of mattresses in Maroua prison (Cameroun)

May 3 2017

Nigeria: humanitarian aid to the women detained in Suleja Prison

The Community of Sant'Egidio delivered mattresses to prisoners who even don't have a bed to sleep on
IT | EN | ES | DE | PT
November 7 2016

When violence is met with forgiveness, even the hearts of those who have done wrong can be conquered by the love

that triumphs over every form of evil. In this way, among the victims and among those who wronged them, God raises up true witnesses and workers of mercy.
IT | EN | ES | DE | FR | PT
September 30 2016

Thirst for Peace: the public role of young people for peace, dialogue and development

IT | EN | ES | FR | ID
July 25 2014

The Youth for Peace of Cameroon and the dream of building a more humane world starting from the poor

Gathered in the summer conferences in the major cities of the country to reaffirm the commitment to peace and solidarity
IT | EN | ES | DE | FR | PT | CA | UK
July 21 2014

An agreement was signed between the Government of Cameroon and the Community of Sant'Egidio

to strengthen and ensure the presence and activities of the Community in the Country
IT | EN | ES | DE | FR | PT | CA | UK
June 5 2014

Sant'Egidio and the poor in Cameroon: a story of friendship

with the elderly, children, in prisons: signs of hope in the Africa that changes
IT | EN | ES | DE | FR | CA | ID
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