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February 10 2015


Outrage and pain for the new massacres of the sea: it is unacceptable to see so many die “of hope"

An appeal by Sant'Egidio to Italy and Europe: "Triton does not work, Mare Nostrum should be restored as long as no new solutions are found for the refugees arriving from the South of the world"

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The Community of Sant'Egidio expresses its sorrow and its condolences to the families of those that lost their lives for the umpteenth massacre of the sea in the Strait of Sicily: 29 confirmed dead, but perhaps many more. In addition to who knows how many more, from the beginning of 2015, due to the impossibility to provide relief over the 30 miles from the Italian coast fixed by operation Triton.

Since Mare Nostrum was cancelled, which enabled our Navy to go to near the coast of North Africa to operate the rescue of those fleeing from many countries of the South of the world, the "journeys of hope" have certainly not stopped. Because of unscrupulous people traffickers, who must be blocked, the refugees equally continue to leave on miserable and very expensive small boats. Except that no one talks about it and no one can help them in time to save their lives: "Removing the relief does not stop the massacres: the effect is only that of hiding them for all to see. Now we realize those wretched boats only when they come close to our shores. But then, as was the case on Monday, is painfully too late".

Until 31 December, thanks to Mare Nostrum, which has shown to the world the generosity and expertise of the Italian Navy and all other forces that participated in the operation, thousands of human lives were saved at a cost that is sustainable for a country like Italy.

The Community of Sant'Egidio launches a strong appeal to the Italian and European authorities. If there is left a little pity, it is necessary to act immediately in two different directions:

  1. To stop the massacres restoring Mare Nostrum immediately, which offered the possibility of operating aid with military ships able to navigate even with the seaway and not with simple patrol boats.
  2. To immediately establish a European system to allow regular and controlled entries, for humanitarian reasons, with a much lower cost for the refugees (who come to spend thousands of euro) and, above all, trips that do not involve the risk of life.

January 30 2017

Building bridges, not walls: 540 Syrian refugees saved through #humanitariancorridors!

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October 19 2016

Out of war, beyond the sea: the way of hope. WATCH!

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July 23 2016

The “School of Peace” for children, refugees from South Sudan is becoming better and enhanced

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June 24 2016

Refugees: humanitarian corridors arrive at the UN and are proposed as a replicable model

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June 16 2016

Other 81 refugees rescued from war and human trafficking through the humanitarian corridors! Their stories in video

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May 13 2016

Beyond the barbed wire, among the refugees on the Hungarian border seeking a new life in Europe

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February 3 2017
Huffington Post

Marco Impagliazzo: Il ponte di Francesco, il muro di Donald

January 22 2017
Avvenire - Ed. Lazio Sette

«L'integrazione, interesse di tutti»

January 22 2017
El Pais (Spagna)

Papa Francisco: “El peligro en tiempos de crisis es buscar un salvador que nos devuelva la identidad y nos defienda con muros”

December 12 2016
Noticias de Álava

Premio René Cassin para los Corredores Humanitarios

December 11 2016
La Vanguardia

Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario, Sabores Solidarios y Comunidad de Sant'Egidio reciben este lunes el Premio René Cassin

December 1 2016

Corridoi umanitari: 40 profughi a Fiumicino; Sant’Egidio, modello per Europa

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January 14 2017 | LUCCA, ITALY

Conferenza ''I corridoi umanitari: un modello per l'Europa''

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October 7 2015

The World Coalition Against the Death Penalty - XIII world day against the death penalty

October 5 2015

Fallece un preso japonés tras pasar 43 años en el corredor de la muerte

September 24 2015

Pope Francis calls on Congress to end the death penalty. "Every life is sacred", he said

March 12 2015
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Death penalty: a look at how some US states handle execution drug shortage

March 12 2015

Arabie: trois hommes dont un Saoudien exécutés pour trafic de drogue

March 9 2015

Australia to restate opposition to death penalty as executions loom in Indonesia

March 9 2015

Le Pakistan repousse de facto l'exécution du meurtrier d'un critique de la loi sur le blasphème

March 9 2015

Peine de mort en Indonésie: la justice va étudier un appel des deux trafiquants australiens

February 28 2015

13 Ways Of Looking At The Death Penalty

February 15 2015

Archbishop Chaput applauds Penn. governor for halt to death penalty

December 11 2014

C’est désormais officiel: Madagascar vient d’abolir la peine de mort!

December 3 2014

5th Circuit Court of Appeals stops execution of Scott Panetti!

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