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August 10 2010

Manila (Philippines): A future for children in the slums thanks to the School of Peace

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It's not easy to grow up in Manila if you live in a slum. But something can happen, and that can change your destiny. A young girl can witness it, smiling, proudly showing her report card of her high school. Her name is Rhonalyn: since she was a small girl she had attended the School of Peace in the slum area of Banawe, thousands of shacks built with wood and alluminium sheets which have been moved away several times from a land to another one, in order to make room to new skyscrapers. She met her friends of the Community when she was much younger. But now she is older and they didn't abandon her.

It's not just Rhonalyn's history. In order to grant a future to the children of the School of Peace, the Community in Manila involved many people such as colleagues at the office, relatives, friends, asking them to sponsor her and other 20 teenagers, registering them to the college. Therefore some of those children who studied and played together singing songs of peace in a garage became computer tecnicians, graduated cooks, secretaries in a company. Now they too are helping the next generation in the School of Peace to dream a different future: through education, which will give them many more opportunities, but also thorugh friendship.


February 27 2017

Message of Sant'Egidio to the Launch of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission

February 9 2017

Sant'Egidio expresses solidarity with the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines for the struggle against death penalty

November 16 2016

Uganda: big news for the refugee children at the School of Peace in Nyumanzi

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October 5 2016

5th October, World Teacher’s Day: All to school…of peace!

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July 30 2016

In Manila, the Jubilee Year of Mercy for Children and Young People with Sant'Egidio

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July 23 2016

The “School of Peace” for children, refugees from South Sudan is becoming better and enhanced

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September 9 2016
Popoli e Missione

William Quijano: Nel paese degli scontri un giovane coltiva l’arte dell’incontro

May 19 2016
Famiglia Cristiana

Il Trump filippino spaventa il mondo

March 7 2016
Corriere di Novara

Una marcia della pace con oltre 2mila bambini delle scuole novaresi

February 5 2016
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Non sottovalutiamo la pietà popolare

December 2 2015
Il Gazzettino - ed. Padova

Don Bizzotto: «Pensiamo ai bimbi e non alle statuine di cartapesta»

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March 29 2017 | NOVARA, ITALY

Marcia di pace dei bambini 2017

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October 29 2014

1st Asia Pacific Dialogue: NO JUSTICE WITHOUT LIFE Closing Ceremony, it was a success!

October 29 2014

Aquino gov’t remains opposed to death penalty

October 29 2014
The Philstar

‘No justice without life’”

October 29 2014

DOJ to co-host int'l meeting of justice ministers

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1st Asia Pacific Congress on Human Rights and Respect for the Dignity of Life - Speech of Mario Marazziti

Joint statement between the Goverment of the Philippines and the MILF

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