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Floods in the southern districts of Malawi: food emergency

Sant'Egidio opens a subscription to send aid. DONATE ONLINE

Our embrace for Nigeria, victim of violence: #weareallnigerians

Prayer in memory of the victims of violence and terrorism: an invocation of peace for the people of Nigeria.

Sant'Egidio, flowers and prayers on the site of the massacre of Vincennes. Andrea Riccardi joins the march against terrorism

Liturgy of the Sunday



Le parole di Papa Francesco

The visit of pope Francis to the Community of Sant'Egidio
Christmas lunches 2014
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2015 1月 31

We remember Modesta, a homeless woman that died on the street. A story still all too topical

On 1 February in Rome and then in many cities of Italy, a memory that is a daily commitment of Sant'Egidio.

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2015 1月 30 | マラウイ

Still emergency in Malawi: many villages are destroyed with no potable water and electricity. Keep giving!

An update from Blantyre. The letter of fr. Ernest Kafunsa

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2015 1月 30 | ミラノ, イタリア

Track 21: a train left from Milan direct to Auschwitz. To remember is an imperative #dayofmemory

Yesterday the commemoration promoted by the Community of Sant'Egidio and the Jewish Community.

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2015 1月 30 | クアラルンプール, マレーシア

Peace talks resumed in Mindanao after the recent clashes. The delegate of Sant'Egidio: there is a strong will for peace

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2015 1月 29 | メキシコシティ, メキシコ

A message in music by the youth of Mexico speaks of peace to a violent society

"Play Music Stop Death Penalty": the first time of the music competition of the Youth for Peace in Mexico has success and reveals a demand for peace

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2015 1月 27 | ミュンヘン, ドイツ

Day of Memory: the march of the youth of Munich: "We do not forget"

Hundreds of students in the square along with the witnesses of the Shoah: to remember in order to build a better Europe

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2015 1月 26

Sant'Egidio: "Do not let the peripheries alone to fight racism and anti-Semitism" #dayofmemory

President Marco Impagliazzo calls for a commitment to rebuild a culture of living-together and peace in Europe

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world map
2012 3月 12
上北地区, 日本


連帯センター 「シルバーばんざい!」
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2015 1月 29

Supreme Court Halts Oklahoma Execution of Richard Glossip and two others sentenced to death

... 死刑にno


2010 10月 20
Seijo-Church - Tokyo

諸宗教による平和の祈りの集い 聖エジディオ共同体 平和の祈り2010年
2009 9月 30
Seijo-Church - Tokyo


Il Cuore più Grande - storie di vita






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