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Ecumenical prayer in memory of the witnesses of the faith of our time

In the heart of the Holy Week we remember those that gave their lives for the Gospel. On 15/04 Card. P.Parolin will preside over in Rome, Santa Maria in Trastevere. All appointments

Holy Thursday

Memorial of the Last Supper and of the Foot Washing

Good Friday

Memorial of Jesus’ death on the cross
Holy Saturday

Bönen varje dag

Le parole di Papa Francesco

Summer of solidarity
News from Italy and from the world

Writing to a person sentenced to death
Many good reasons to become pen-pals

Benedict XVI and the Community
Meetings and audiences


Holy Week and Easter of Resurrection 2014

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April 20 2014

Liturgy of the Resurrection of the Lord

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April 17 2014

Memory of the Last Supper

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April 15 2014

Memory of the Martyrs of our Time

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Liturgia delle Palme April 13 2014

Palm Sunday

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On the border between Africa and Europe with young migrants that dream of a better future

A delegation of Sant'Egidio along the Ceuta barrier that separates Spain from Morocco

The border between Ceuta and Tangier is a place of pain for many migrants trying to reach Europe in search of a better future. A Spanish delegation of the Community of Sant'Egidio went to the area of Tangier, in Morocco and along the fence that surrounds Ceuta, Spanish territory on the African coast, to get to know closely the situation of many immigrants that are waiting to get into Europe.

"Tell the sufferings and wounds that we have when we come here after long trips in the desert, where many find death", said Eloise, who left the Ivory Coast three years ago and is currently held in the CETI (Temporary Reception Centre for Immigrants) of Ceuta , but she still hopes to be able to reach Europe. She dreams of being able to study law to help her African friends that come to Europe. There is a great desire to speak with the local population, but it is not always easy or possible, they often live as separated by an abyss. 513 sub-Saharan immigrants live in the CETI of Ceuta, a city of 80,000 inhabitants, half of them Muslims.

Some of the immigrants that have not yet managed to arrive in Spain live in the forests near the borders of Ceuta and Melilla, in poor condition, sheltered only by some plastic sheeting and blankets. In the main road near Ceuta you can see some immigrants that beg , a little food, and it is easy then to see them get into the forest in search of shelter. Other immigrants live in the suburbs of the city close to the border as in the tangerine neighborhood of Boukhalef. Everyone is waiting for the opportunity to be able to reach Europe even at the risk of life, trying to climb over the barrier at the border of Ceuta or trying to reach Spanish territory on precarious boats.

On last 6 February, 15 African young men died while trying to swim to get across the Ceuta border into Spain. Many of them are buried in the cemetery in Tangier: young people whose names are not known, who died while trying to reach Spain on board the
"precarious ships". They are poor tombs, a number instead of a name. In the cemetery we wanted to remind them and many others that were drowned in the Mediterranean: no one must be forgotten and no one must die any more in these conditions.

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Christians united in prayer for peace in Ukraine

In the church of S. Alessandro, "field hospital" for the wounded of Majdan square

At the invitation of the Sant'Egidio Community, in the Latin Catholic cathedral of St. Alexander in Kiev Orthodox, Roman Catholics, Greek-Catholics and Lutherans gathered to pray together for peace in Ukraine and in the world.
"We are the salt of the earth in this world - Father Georgy Kovalenko, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, said in his sermon - we are called to put ourselves among the people that start to hate, so that they can reach out to one another".
Youth, old people, families and nuns joined the prayer for peace.
In the days of clashes that hit Kiev in February, the cathedral of St. Alexander, as well as other churches belonging to different Christian denominations in the city, became a hospital for the wounded in Majdan.

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Good news from Naples on the integration of the Roma and the Sinti in Italy

On the occasion of the International Day Sant'Egidio offers data and ideas: the importance of school

NAPLES - Data, proposals and "good news", the result of experience and friendship of the Community of Sant'Egidio with the Roma and the Sinti in Italy, were presented in Naples, a city of coexistence and integration but also a city of contradictions and episodes of intolerance, at a press conference on the eve of the international Day dedicated by the United Nations to this people, still a victim of discrimination and humiliation. Accepting the invitation of European Commissioner Vivian Reading, who in recent days had pointed out "some small miracles" for the integration of the Roma, eloquent examples were presented of how it is possible to live positively together with the Roma and the Sinti.

In presenting the results of the programme "Right to school, right to the future" for the education of Roma children, Daniela Pompei, national head of the Immigration and the Roma Service of the Community of Sant'Egidio, explained the success of the more than 200 children that participate in the programme, including Rome, Milan and Naples. 84% of the children participating in the project attend school, while in the whole of Italy only 11,000 children regularly go to primary school and 107 go to secondary school. "The programme - said Daniela Pompei - has the aim to encourage regular school attendance of the Roma pupils, preventing the involvement of children in begging; and aims to educate about the coexistence of different people". "The Roma are a young people - concluded the head of Sant'Egidio – this is the reason why the integration must necessarily pass through the school".

Paolo Ciani spoke about the legal status and the presence of the Roma in Europe and in Italy, a complex and articulated world so often represented with a certain simplification and trivialization. Between 6 and 7 million in Europe, the Roma are the largest minority, often without a State of reference.

A particular focus has been devoted to the experiences of Naples and Milan. In the Neapolitan capital since 2008 there has been a free medical clinic, now present in the parish of the Immaculate Conception in Cupa Coal, near the airport of Capodichino. In 6 years of experience - said Salvatore Esposito of the Community of Sant'Egidio in Naples - there were more than 6,000 visits, of which 80 % of children, with an average of nearly 100 visits per month. Stefano Pasta told about the experience in Milan, with the phenomenon of forced evictions of the camps, which only causes a shift of the problem and creates a huge inconvenience to the children, suddenly forced to leave school, and families. They cited a significant and paradoxical example of a child that had suffered as many as 20 evictions in a few years.

Finally, there was also talk of the right to sport of Roma children that attend the project "Sport without borders”.One way to use sport as a tool for inclusion, prevention and psychophysical well-being.

A lot of small good news that represent replicable proposals and experiences, which can lead to prospects of hope and concrete paths of true integration.


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Emergency aid and prevention of infection in Guinea hit by the Ebola virus

The Communities of Sant'Egidio in Guinea are committed to preventing the spread of the epidemic especially among the poorest

About a month ago Guinea was hit by a terrible epidemic of Ebola. The virus, identified as belonging to the most aggressive strain, has spread from the area of the forest, mainly in the cities of Gueckedou, Macenta and Kissidougou. But even in the capital, Conakry, there are several cases.

More than 150 people were contaminated and unfortunately there are already more than 90 deaths in this country already so marked by poverty and many difficulties.

The Communities of Sant'Egidio present in the cities most affected by the epidemic, reported in a timely manner the lack of means of prophylaxis to prevent the spread of the virus.

Per questo motivo, la settimana scorsa è stato inviato urgentemente nelle zone colpite un primo camion con circa 2.000 litri di varechina e di soluzione di cloro, indispensabile per l’igiene personale e quella delle case, ma introvabile nelle zone forestali del Paese.

For this reason, last week they sent urgently to the affected areas one first truck with about 2,000 litres of bleach and chlorine solution, which is essential for personal hygiene and that of the houses, but it is found nowhere in the forest areas of the country.

The distribution was made in Gueckedou, starting with the most vulnerable people: beggars living on the streets, prisoners, the poor families of the children of the school of peace.

The whole community in Guinea has taken action to prevent a further deterioration of the health situation. These days, a guide with certain rules of hygiene and behaviour has been distributed to help to avoid contagion in the poorest neighborhoods and villages.

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Visit of a delegation of the Republic of Cape Verde

A delegation of the Government of the Republic of Cape Verde, made by HE the Prime Minister, José Maria Neves, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of the Environment has visited the Community of Sant'Egidio. They were received by the President, Marco Impagliazzo.

During the interview they dealt with some issues related to the stability in West Africa and the initiatives for peace and reconciliation of the Community of Sant'Egidio. The Prime Minister expressed full satisfaction with the cooperation between his country and the Community and formulated the hope that such collaboration is formalized as soon as possible through a Headquarters Agreement.

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Humanitarian aid to children and elderly people in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

It is the second mission of the Community of Sant'Egidio in support of vulnerable population groups

Last week a delegation of the Community of Sant'Egidio went to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to bring humanitarian aid. During the mission they visited a home for the elderly in Sungho, in the province of Pyongyang, and an orphanage in Pyongsong, in the province of South Pyongan.
Great welcome from the elders, who expressed gratitude for the visit. The director of the orphanage Pyongsong, where the children had the opportunity to wear the traditional dress of the party, thanked the community for the aid, which is essential to supplement the diet of children.

It is the second mission of Sant'Egidio in support of vulnerable groups of the Korean population.


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10 Oktober 2010

Na het success van het “Bavo!” project, met 3 miljoen registraties in de bevolkingsregisters van Burkina Faso, werd vandaag in Rome een samenwerkingsovereenkomst ondertekend om de campagne op nationaal niveau voort te zetten

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Mandela, man of peace & reconciliation. In memory -- Sant'Egidio
VIII International Congress of Ministers of Justice
Cities for Life 2013 - For a world without death penalty





21/03/2014 h. 15.00 (GMT+1)
WEB STREAMING from 3.30pm :AFTERNOON SESSION - The human and existential periphery in the light of the Gospel
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MORNING SESSION - The human and existential periphery in the light of the Gospel
29/11/2013 h. 9.30 (GMT+1)
VIII International Congress of Ministers of Justice for the abolition of the death penalty
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28 September 2013

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