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January 24 2011

Press Release: The Community of Sant'Egidio participates in the mourning over the death of Tullia Zevi

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The Community of Sant'Egidio expresses its closeness to the sorrow of the family for the death of Professor Tullia Zevi. It remembers with gratitude the various initiatives where she has played a leading role together with the Community, from participation in International Encounter for Peace in Milan in 1993 at the invitation of Cardinal Martini and Sant'Egidio.

In the shared attention to the constant danger of anti-Semitism and racism, through her began the closest relationship of our community with the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, then continued with Prof. Amos Luzzatto and Lawyer Renzo Gattegna.

We remind her deep culture, her being rooted in Jewish tradition, the firm and constant condemnation of all forms of racism, but with the patient commitment to build a society that, based on the treasure of the past, might become a place of coexistence and dialogue.

In the difficult times we are living on a planetary level, the memory of Tullia Zevi warns us never to dismiss the effort to work with patience and confidence, but gently, so that the society keeps firmly in the values of coexistence and mutual respect, without degrading in oppositions and particularism, which offend the common good.

November 5 2010

Genoa (Italy): A March to remember the deportation of Jews during the WWII

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October 17 2010

Memory of the deportation of Jews of Rome

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January 26 2017

Holocaust Remembrance Day: No to indifference, let us not be accomplices of intolerance and new forms of racism

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January 26 2015

Sant'Egidio: "Do not let the peripheries alone to fight racism and anti-Semitism" #dayofmemory

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January 21 2015

Visit of solidarity and friendship by Sant'Egidio to the Roman Jewish Community after the attacks in Paris and the terrorist alert

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October 17 2014

One of the few Romans that returned from deportation will be present tomorrow at the March of Remembrance

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January 26 2014

Storia di un "ri-trovarsi"

November 16 2017
Vatican Insider

Riccardi: “Con Laras scompare una grande figura della cultura contemporanea”

November 4 2017

Marco Impagliazzo. Ebraismo: la fine di un pregiudizio

November 30 2016

Dem Vergessen könnte das Morden folgen

November 29 2016

Erinnerung an Deportation jüdischer Würzburger vor 75 Jahren - Warnungen vor aktuellen Entwicklungen

September 29 2016
Vatican Insider

La percezione dello “Spirito di Assisi” nel mondo ebraico

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November 5 2017 | GENOA, ITALY

Marcia in memoria della deportazione degli ebrei di Genova

June 20 2017 | ROME, ITALY

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APPELLO FINALE - Pellegrinaggio ad Auschwitz-Birkenau

Zuccari Alessandro

NON C'È FUTURO SENZA MEMORIA - Intervento di apertura di Alessandro Zuccari, Comunità di Sant'Egidio

Toaff Elio

NON C'È FUTURO SENZA MEMORIA - Intervento di Elio Toaff, Rabbino capo di Roma

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Andrea Riccardi, Comunità di Sant'Egidio NON C'È FUTURO SENZA MEMORIA

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NON C'È FUTURO SENZA MEMORIA - Intervento di Leone Pasermann, Presidente della Comunità ebraica di Roma

Toaff Elio

NON C'È FUTURO SENZA MEMORIA - Saluto finale di Elio Toaff, Rabbino capo di Roma

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Giornata della memoria: non dimentichiamo la Shoah
16 ottobre 1943 - Marcia in ricordo della deportazione degli ebrei romani

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