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Christmas lunch with the children in long distance adoption at the Nutritional Centre of Matola - Mozambique

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Christmas Lunch with the children in long distance adoption at the Nutritional Center of Matola - Mozambique (January 2009)

The Nutritional Center of Matola, near  Maputo (the capital of Mozambique) welcomes every day about 600 children that, thanks to the support received via long distance adoption, receive a rich and entire nutrition, that allows them to grow in good health. 

On Christmas Day, the children invited their little brothers, friends, schoolmates at the lunch of the Center.  As a result, over one thousand children sat at table under the large verandas of the Center.  The tables were placed in any possible corner, not only under the verandas but also outdoors, under the shadow of the large mango trees.

Everything was set in the best manner, without to forget anything: first of all the invitations with the name of each child, then the red tablecloths, the dishes, the glasses, the cutlery, the napkins. Very large pots were used to cook simultaneously for all, with firewood, since the gas in these cases is not enough.  The water tank was refilled with new filters. Christmas tree and the Crib were there too.  

The menu was very rich, according to the better tradition of the Nutritional Center: rice, roasted chicken, fries, vegetables, fruits, "panettone".  The traditional Christmas mozambican course could not be lacking: Russian salad. 

The faces of the children showed all their happiness: it almost never happens to eat  sitting at a table prepared with an attractive red tablecloth: in the their houses they would normally eat sitting on the floor.

After lunch, a large party with songs and dances, and… given the big number of children in feastfully waiting… seven "Santa Claus" with gifts for all, adequate to age: doll, balls, toy cars, but also backpacks school for the eldest. 

It has been a wonderful day.  All was prepared with care, all went well.  At the end the "prize" also for who had been working for the preparation of the lunch: the smiles of the children, their delight while returning home with the gift received.


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