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Opening 'Paths of Peace' in a world marked by too many conflicts: the International meeting of world religions for peace

Marco Impagliazzo: 'It will be the most important event for peace of the year, a strong message against wars, divisions and walls, in order to restore a soul to countries and continents in crisis'

Berlin's youth message to Europe: No More Walls

The event promoted by the Youth for Peace of Sant'Egidio in the multiethnic district of Neukölln, for a society of coexistence
Memory of the Saints and the Prophets

The Everyday Prayer

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September 20 2016 17:15 | St. Francis' Square

Speech of David Brodman

David Brodman

Rabbi, Israel

1943, when I was a child of 7 years , I was brought to the concentration camps. 

Since 1973 I am Rabbi near Tel Aviv.

This year is the tenth time that I participate in this wonderful meeting. I am very thankful and deeply impressed by all what Sant Egidio has done for me and for the world. Through them I had also the opportunity to meet my good friend the Holy Father. As a Rabbi I say “Holy” because Maimonides says that the greatest virtue is humility and humility brings holiness.

I have seen that Pope Francis is a clear example of modesty and holiness in our time like it was the Holy Francis in his time.

I spoke many times to the young generation because who does not know the history is condemned  to repeat it. For me the spirit of Assisi is the best example for humility and holiness and it is  the answer to the tragedy of the Shoah and of every war. Because here we say to the world, that it is possible to become friends and to live together in peace even if we are different. 

As an old man I became part of this unique spirit: ALL DIFFERENT BUT ALL TOGETHER with the courage of dialogue, to prevent every conflict and to create a human world where everybody  can recognize in the others the image of God.


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