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June 24 2010

The memory of William Alfredo Quijano Zetino was awarded the Prize "Colombe d’Oro 2010". William, a young member of the Community of Sant'Egidio in San Salvador, was killed for his effort with children in the School of Peace.

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In the 25th anniversary of the prestigious Prize, the panel designating the Premio Archivio Disarmo per la Pace Colombe d'Oro, chaired by Rita Levi Montalcini, gave a special recognition to the memory of William Alfredo Quijano Zetino, member of the Community of Sant'Egidio. Wlliam was killed 10 months ago in outlying areas of San Salvador by a mara, one of the violent gangs recruiting young people in economic need in the peripheric areas of Central America.

In Central America at least 100,000 people belong to the maras, which take control of the poorest districts. Their control is based on the abuse of power: in order to survive , the inhabitants are obliged to pay a sum of money, and a number of children and teenagers are bound to be activily part to the crimes committed.

The Prize given to William Quijano represents a recognition to the memory of a person who dedicated his life to save children's lives from the violence rooted in the streets. His mother, Janeth Marlene Zetino, will claim the prize on behalf of William.

The other Prizes are given to Mimmo Cándito and to Gabriele Del Grande. The former is a journalist of the Italian newspaper La Stampa and foreign correspondent from a number of countries, like Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo. The latter is the founder of Fortress Europe, oversight body of immigration phenomena and related troubles.

The Award to the illustrious name of the international scene is given to Jane Goodall, leading expert in ethology, who enlarged the research on Primates to the defence of life in all its forms, including the humanitarian care among the others. 

September 1 2016

September 1st, memory of Saint Egidio. The Community that took his name give thanks in every part of the world

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May 6 2016

Pope receives the Charlemagne Prize. Riccardi: 'Dreaming and working with Francis for a new European humanism'

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March 31 2016

The Humanism Award 2016 has been granted to Andrea Riccardi

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November 25 2015

Visit of Andrea Riccardi in Indonesia - Photogallery

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November 23 2015

Visit of Andrea Riccardi in Pakistan - Photogallery

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November 8 2015

The meeting of the Communities of Sant'Egidio of the United States towards the Jubilee of Mercy

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November 23 2016

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